10 Best Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online & Anime

Watch Cartoons Online Free

These days streaming TV is becoming more popular than ever before. I mean who wants to see all those silly commercials anyway. So naturally many people want to watch cartoons online. Sometimes we just need a little light entertainment without all the drama. So whether your looking to unwind for a few hours or you’re after something for the kids to do on a Saturday morning. Cartoons and anime sites are a always popular choice! With so many options these days though, it can sometimes be hard to find good free cartoon and anime streaming sites. But don’t worry, this article will review and rank the 10 best sites to watch cartoons and anime online for free.

Watch Cartoon Online

It’s design may be slight outdated but WatchCartoonOnline.com is certainly one of the best site to stream free cartoons & anime. It does have kids cartoons and cartoon movies as well, but its fair to say that WatchCartoonOnline focuses more on anime shows. Which is great for more older people looking to watch anime TV shows. The site also has quite a few subbed anime* and dubbed anime** shows. Some of this sites most popular series’ include: Adventure Time, American Dad, The Simpsons, South Park, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Watch Cartoons Online Free

Kiss Cartoon

KissCartoon.me is an excellent site to watch cartoons for free. They design and layout of the site make it really easy to find your favorite cartoons. The Kiss Cartoon Me site has grown in popularity in recent years and now one of the best cartoons sites. We’d say that their one of the most popular sites because their ads are tasteful (they won’t pop up and annoy you), and all of their videos/shows/movies are really high quality. Of course they also have a huge library of cartoons as well which certainly help. Kiss Cartoon Me gets our stamp of approval! Some of their best cartoon TV shoes include: Steven Universe, Ricky and Morty, Gravity Falls, King of the Hill, Batman, Bob’s Burgers and the Regular Show.

Anime Streaming Sites

Nickelodeon’s NickToons

Originally called NickToons but now just called Nick and found at Nick.com. This website is connected to the TV channel Nickelodeon. Meaning you can watch all your favorite TV shows from Nickelodeon for free online whenever you want! Nick is extremely popular among tweens and teenagers because they not only show cartoons for kids but also high quality sitcoms for teenagers. Every show you can find on Nickelodeon, you will find on Nick. Including The Thundermans, iCarly, Avatar The Last Airbender, Sanjay and Craig, Game Shakers… and the list goes on. The site also offers loads of cool free games for kids/teenagers too!

Kids Cartoons

Toon Get

Originally called Anime BB but now re-branded as ToonGet.net. Toon Get is a great resource to stream cartoons online because it has an awesome collection of funny cartoon shows, cartoon movies and anime shows. You can stream pretty much all anime and cartoon shows on Toon Get. Their most viewed series’ are Pokemon XY, Star Wars Rebels and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Anime Site

Cartoon Movies HQ

CartoonMoviesHQ.com is another great website to watch free cartoons. This is actually also have a great anime streaming site as well. Very similar to WatchCartoonOnline, in the way that even the design may be outdated they still have one of the best collections of cartoons. There anime is also available in sub* and dub**. Some of there shows available to stream are Family Guy, Astro Boy, One Piece, Sword Art Online among thousands more!

Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoons On

CartoonsOn.com is definitely one the better sites to view¬†free cartoons in HD. The site is great because it is extremely easy to navigate and it has one of the best collection of cartoon movies. It will pretty much every classic, including A Bug’s Life, Big Hero Six, Sleeping Beauty, Cars… you name it! They also have a good collection of cartoon TV shows available as well including Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny. Ben 10 is also a popular Cartoon Network show you can stream here.

Toon Jet

If you’re a little older or you just prefer the more original, classic cartoons then ToonJet.com is right for you. That’s because Toon Jet focuses only on providing classic cartoons, like Popeye, Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny and Little Lulu. The site doesn’t really have as much as the other sites though and it can be quite hard to navigate. Still, a decent site to stream online cartoons.

Disney Junior

DisneyJunior.Disney.com is the decent site to watch Disney shows online. The site doesn’t feature any full length TV shows but does offer some free short cartoon videos starring you’re favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and The Lion King. Which are great for cartoon for childern. The site is ran by the Disney, which means you’ll find all of your favorite Disney Junior and Disney Channel stuff like games and short clips on the site. They also have a a great collection of Disney movies online, with every movie made by Disney available online. However they aren’t for free unfortunately.

We hope this article has helped you find your new favorite website to go to when you want to watch cartoons online for free. If you’re not interested in the free streaming these websites provide and would rather download the anime shows to your computer or laptop so you can watch them offline. We recommend reading our best torrent websites article.

Subbed anime* – When Asian anime is playing, but the actual Japanese voices/language have been edited and replaced with English ones.
Dubbed anime** – Asian anime playing and you can hear the Asian voices/language. Now there is just English subtitles at the bottom of the screen to read.