Prank Ideas: The Best April Fools Pranks Ever!

Unfortunately, not all of us are natural born pranksters or hilarious practical jokers. Every now and then some us could use a little inspiration to think a good prank or funny practical joke.

We’ve searched the web to find the funniest pranks online. We’ve also made sure that these are quick and easy pranks to copy, because not everyone has the time and effort to plan and pull off a big one. So whether you want a funny April Fool’s Day prank, one to use in the office or an easy prank to use your roommates, you can try one of these hilarious pranks.

Be sure to share your favorites on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have any of your own hilarious practical jokes that you think can make our collection of the best pranks ever then make sure you send it in to us. Enjoy!

20 Easy April Fools Day Pranks

The Scary Insect Cut-Out


Hidden Hotsauce

Easy Pranks

Classic Office Prank

Office Pranks

Another Good Scare Tactic

Funny Prank

The Annoying Keyboard Shuffle

Good Prank

Tasty Toothpaste Oreos

The Imaginary Obstacle

Easy To Make Fake Poop Prank

Hidden Condiments on Easter

Upside Down Water Container

Q-Tip and Candle Wax Lollipop

Shopping Cart Struggle

Frozen Cereal Prank for Kids

Pranks for Kids

The Switch-A-Roo

The Well Known Mentos & Cola Trick

Universal Apple Remote

Another Obnoxious Funny Office Prank

Practical Jokes