Kylie Jenner’s App 

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The rise of the Jenner’s and the Kardashian’s has been meteoric in recent years with many of the family members accumulating millions of followers and fans on the many social networking sites. As a result, there has been a number of marketing projects to keep the ball rolling and that is what we have for you today. Not so long ago, Kim Kardashian released an app and it was extremely popular so now Kylie Jenner looks to have followed in her footsteps.

The Kylie Jenner Official App, developed by Whalerock Digital Media, offers users the opportunity to get closer to Kylie than ever before. The basic version of the Kylie Jenner app is completely free but there is a premium option that offers more benefits; for example, giveaways and interactive offline opportunities. When it comes to the basic free option, these are the main features;

  • Tutorials offering beauty tips and tricks
  • Features containing Kylie’s favourite products
  • Access to special events
  • Live streams
  • Behind-the-scenes information and videos allowing users to gain an insight into her world
  • Shopping tips and various bits of advice when it comes to fashion

Furthermore, the app even offers ‘Kylie Radio’ which plays some of Kylie’s favourite music through various playlists. As a whole, the app is fantastic if you love Kylie Jenner, want to keep up with what she is doing, and want beauty and fashion advice. However, there are a couple of downsides that might be fixed in the future (we will have to wait and see). Firstly, the subscription is fairly expensive at $44 per year for the amount of features on offer but this could change. Secondly, although live streams are promised they do not occur too often. Thirdly, the layout is fairly simple. On the other hand, an update at the beginning of July shows that it is being worked on and we can only hope for more features in the coming months and years.

The app itself is fairly small in size at under 27MB meaning that downloading it shouldn’t take up too much space. For now, international fans of Kylie will have to wait as it is only available in English but it can be used on devices that boast iOS 7.1 or later; it works on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. When it comes to the charts, Kylie’s app seems to be the most popular in the Jenner/Kardashian clan and has accumulated nearly 3,000 ratings in the App Store. A less than impressive two and a half star average rating suggests that customers would like more features and would like Kylie herself to be more active but these improvements are easily done; whether they will be done or not is a different story.

Kylie Jenner App

Of course, it seems obvious but if you are a huge Kylie fan then you’ll probably want to download Kylie Jenner’s app, as it will keep you entertained for a while. If you are happy with her Twitter feed and news stories, the subscription may not be worth it. If you’re in doubt, why not try the free version? You can download Kylie’s Official app from the Apple iOS store above.