Hair Styler Apps To Change Your Hair Color/Haircut Ideas

Going to the hair salon or barber can be daunting. Especially if you’re deciding to try out a new look. I mean, what if it doesn’t look good? Or what if the hair color you switch too just doesn’t suit you? It could be ages before it’s back to normal.

Well luckily for you the risk doesn’t have to be that bad. These days there are plenty of ways to see what your hair would look like without actually having to commit to a certain haircut or color.

One of the best ways being to try out a new look is with a hair styler app. These apps allow you to upload/take a photo and apply different hair styles and hair dyes to see if it will suit your face. It’s a great way to get some new hairstyle ideas. So in this article we’ve reviewed and ranked all of the hairstyling apps and have found the 7 best hairstyle apps to change your hair color or cut.

1. Hairstyle Makeover Premium – Use your camera to try on a new hairstyle 

This is by far the number 1 hair styler app! However, it’s only available on iOS and costs $4.99 in the app store. Well worth the money we think. That’s because this app is regularly updated and has all the features of the others apps. Allowing users to change their hair color, try on a different hairstyle, and an funny feature that allows users try on different styles of facial hair. If you’re alright spending the money, this app won’t disappoint you. There is actually a free version of this app though, however it’s pretty limited because obviously they want you to buy the premium version.

Hairtstyle App
2. Hair Color Booth

If you’re looking for a hair styling app to change your hair color, then this one is for you. It does lack some other features, like being able to change your hair style. Still, this is by far the best hair changer app out there. However, like many, it’s also only available on the iPhone and iPad. There is a free version of this app. But if you seriously want to see what your hair would look like if it were dyed another color, then going to have to spend the $2.99 and get the full version. The full version has loads of different colors to try while the free version only limits you to 5 fairly silly hair colors. It hasn’t been updated for a while though, which is a shame considering there are a couple of annoying little glitches. This app is still the best hair color changing app.

Hair Color Changer
3. Hair MakeOver – new hairstyle and haircut in a minute

Hair MakeOver is a hair styler app that takes a photo of your face and then lets you try on a range of different hairstyles and colors to the image. Of all the apps of this list, this the most downloaded and reviewed iOS app. Including short, medium and longs hairstyles, and even includes some hairstyles for men. With over 40,000 reviews. Probably because it’s free… well kind of. While it’s free to download, to unlock a lot of the hairstyles and colors your going to have to complete their in app purchases. Either way, it’s still a fun app that’s well looked after by the developers.

4. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

This is quite a funny hairstyle app. It allows you combine a picture of yourself with celebrities hairstyles that matches the shape of your face. Sounds pretty cool right? Well this app is free and has over 500 different celebrity haircuts to try on. It’s also the most updated app of the list, with their editors adding new looks regularly. The reviews aren’t that great though, only a 2 and a half star rating from nearly 700 reviews. It’s still worth a download, if you’ve got some time to play around. Unfortunately only available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Hair Ideas
5. Hair Color Premium

Finally an hair color idea app that’s available in both the iOS App and Google Play stores (called Hair Colour Studio on Andriod). This app is designed to instantly allow you to upload a photo and then try a few different hair colors. It’s not as good as some of the other apps but if you’re on an Android device you don’t have much choice.

6. Hair Color Changer Real

Here’s another hair app for Andriod that will help users find their best hair dye color. It has a rating of 3.8/5 in the Google Play store with over 13,000 reviews with millions of downloads/installs. It also possible to change your eye color with this app too. It’s not as good as the other apps of this list but if you’re an Andriod user, you may have to make do.

7. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

Here’s another Andriod hair styler app by the creators of Hair Color Studio. Except this time the creators allow you to try on celebrity hairstyle rather than changing you hair dye. Would be much better if they merged the two apps into one. Still for Andriod users, it’s a little bit of fun and could provide some cool ideas for the next time you visit the salon. Has a review rating of 3.6/5 with over 19,000 reviews, which isn’t bad.


If your serious about changing you hairstyle or hair colour and want to play around and see what you would look like with a few different styles, then we’d suggest you purchase the top two or three hair styler apps to get some hair ideas. If you’re more just looking to have a little bit of fun and try on some new looks, then you may be better off just playing around with some of the free apps we’ve listed.