Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Have you sent a funny happy birthday meme before? Whether they’re turning 40, 30, 21 or even 10… Your special birthday wish should include a birthday meme! Don’t just send another boring birthday message. Instead, make that special person laugh on their birthday by sending them a funny meme.

Funny birthday memes work well if you have a memory or inside joke that can be incorporated into the meme. So try to find a funny b’day meme that reminds them of something between you town on their birthday.

With that said, even if you can’t fine a relate-able meme. We’ve put together a collection of some of the best birthday memes on the net. We’ve got a huge wide variety of funny birthday memes which include some of your movie favourites featuring Chuck Norris, the Minions, Morgan Freeman and many more.

So enjoy viewing 50 of the best funny birthday memes of all time and whatever you’re after, we’re sure you’ll find an awesome meme. So be sure to share it with your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family via text, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram.

50 Funniest Happy Birthday Images

Minion MemeBirthday MemeFat Kid MemePokemon MemeBad Luck Brian MemeMorgan Freeman MemeMatrix Birthday MemeKevin Hart MemePhilosoraptor Birthday MemeChallenge Accepted Birthday MemeHappy Birthday MemeFunny Birthday memeOne Does Not Simple Birthday Meme
Gandalf MemeSnoop dog BirthdayFunny Meme
Funny MemeHappy MemeHappy Birthday Sloth MemeY U NO Birthday MemeChuck Norris MemeAwkward penguin Birthday MemeHappy Bday meme
Game of ThronesFunny Happy Bday MemeFunny Birthday MemeFunny MemeBest Birthday Memesbday MemePhilosoraptor Funny MemeStar wars memeFunny Happy Birthday MemeSuccess Kid MemeFunny Memes

We hoped you liked the collection of funny birthday memes we’ve put together. If you have your own hilarious b’day meme, be sure to send them it in to us. If it;s good enough, we’ll add the picture to this page.