Bluestacks: App Player

The Best Android Emulator for PC & Mac

Applications have become huge business on both Android and Apple devices; however, while most companies were focusing on developing news apps themselves, BlueStacks decided to change the way in which we played and viewed them. The BlueStacks Android Emulator is an ‘app player’ that allows users to get all the apps that are on their Android device, onto their computer/laptop.

Android Emulator for PC & MAC

The likes of Temple Run, WhatsApp, Pokemon Go and Subway Surfer can all become ridiculously addictive but now we are no longer restricted to our smartphones. Now, if we have a computer/laptop/iMac we can get all these exciting apps to play on these devices too. BlueStacks Android Emulator is available on a number of different operating systems including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and even XP. Furthermore, if you fall on the Apple side of the fence you can also get the program for Mac as well as Linux.

BlueStacks App Player offers a whole host of useful tools such as ‘My App’ which allows you to see all your downloaded apps in one place, ‘Top Chart’ which shows all the most popular apps on the appropriate stores right now, and ‘1-Click Sync’ which enables you to sync your smartphone and computer. The latter of these features means that you can play a game on your commute home from work and then transfer the save file to your computer for when you actually get home. In addition to these features, the program also has a search function so you can look for an app that you cannot see anywhere else.

BlueStacks Android Emulator has a number of free apps as well as ones for a small fee just like Google Play or the App Store meaning that you have a variety of different options to choose from. In terms of the file size and settings, the file is less than 300MB and is available in 16 different languages. The App Player was first launched in 2011 and has been updated and worked on ever since; despite the amount of investment and time the developers spend on this project, it is still a free download at first and even the premium membership is cheap at $2 per month. If you were concerned about not being able to get hold of your favourite app, the player is said to have 96% of the nearly 1.5 million apps that can be found on the Google Play Store so you have a pretty good chance. At the turn of the year, it has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Bluestacks: Andriod Emulator

Many users of this program have said that it needs a little bit of work but even still, it is one of (if not the) best option when it comes to playing Android apps on your computer. Technology is only growing stronger and this is yet another sign of our devices syncing up to therefore enjoy an all-round experience. Why not give it a go today…you will be surprised at how useful it can be!