Best Torrent Sites of 2016

As most tech savvy people are aware these days, torrent sites are the best way to find and download pretty much anything for free. Including movies, games, software, music, cartoons… the list goes on. However due to the nature of downloading pirated content it can often be hard to find a reliable torrent downloader. As torrent sites are disappearing and reappearing all the time. This is why we’ve gone ahead and created a list of the top torrenting sites. We’ll continue to keep updated, so you always know where to go during your torrent search.

What is a torrent and how do they work?

Ok so basically a torrent is a special type of file which can be downloaded from all the top torrent sites. The torrent file itself points to the specific file which is being shared. So a good torrent site is basically a big collection of the locations of free files for download. The torrent client is the required software that load the torrent and actually downland the file that the torrent file is pointing at. The most popular torrent clients are Utorrent and Bittorrent

Top 5 Torrenting Sites

1. Kickass Torrents

KickassTorrents or Kickass Torrents was launched in 2009. It is now the most popular site to download torrents online. Surpassing The Pirate Bays torrent website in traffic since 2015. Being the most used site, of course they have one of the biggest libraries of kick ass torrents. Whether you’re after free music, movies, games or software – you’ll find it’s free torrent download here. Like most pirate download sites, it has gone through several URL/Domian changes. For now Kickass Torrents operates under

Kickass Torrents

2. The Pirate Bay is by far one of the most popular torrenting sites online. You probably hear it in the news all the time. Which makes sense consider it has an Alexa rank that seems to fluctuate around the 300 mark these days (meaning it is the 300th most visited site in the world). It previous ranked in the top 100 and was by far the greatest torrent search site. However, due to legal issues is has dropped off slightly in recent years. But that’s nothing to worry about. The Pirate Bays torrent collection is still one of the biggest and best! You’d be very unlucky to not find what you’re searching for here. They also provide The Private Bay proxies so you can still access the site even if it has been blocked in your county.

The Pirate Bay

3. Extra Torrent makes it into the top 3 torrent search engines. The torrent site continue to grow year after year and is renowned for having one the most active torrent communities online. Extra Torrent’s collection of downloadable torrents is simply amazing. There’s no doubt they have the software, music or music torrent you’re after! You’ll have no trouble finding it either with Extra Torrent’s quick and easy torrent search function.

4. Torrentz is a well known BitTorrent search engine. So unlike other sites, Torrentz does not host any of the files itself. Instead it locates and redirects users to other sites on the web where they can actually download the files. Maybe a little annoying that you can’t get it directly from their site. But at least it will point you to pretty much every movie, game, music and/or software file download available. Like many others, Torrentz has a few different domain names with .eu being the most popular.

5. RAHBG is one of the up and coming torrent downloader. Created in 2008 and commonly referred to as RBG. This website grew extremely fast in it’s early years due to the fact that is was initially unblocked in the United Kingdom. Making it popular among those users not interested in using proxies to get torrent downloads. However, this is no longer the case and RAHBG has seen a decrease in traffic ever since. It’s still a very reliable source and one of the best torrent sites.