Best WiFi Names For Your Router

Believe it or not, Wi-FI, which stands for ‘wireless fidelity’ was first invented in 1991. Although, it wasn’t until many years later that Wi-Fi was incorporated into our everyday life. However, ever since the early days people have been using these wireless network routers in a pretty hilarious way – the thing people used to do with these Bluetooth devices. Of course we’re talking about using the ability to change your Wi-Fi name and password to something custom/unique and instead making it something clever or funny.

Funny WiFi Names

That way, everyone who’s in the area and is looking to connect to Wi-Fi can see your funny Wi-Fi name, yet not know who’s broadcasting the Wi-Fi network. This makes for a pretty hilarious prank (especially on your neighbors) and we’ve seen some pretty cool Wi-Fi name pranks in our time, so we’ve decided to search the internet to bring you the funniest and best Wi-Fi names of all time. Enjoy!

Funny WiFi Names

Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi

Connect and Die

2 Girls, 1 Router

99 problems but WiFi ain’t one

Child Toucher

Wireless GangBang

I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi

Very slow internet

Last night I saw you naked

Shut your fucking dog up

Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!

No Free Wifi For You

Get Your Own Wi-Fi

Get Off My Lawn

Y No You Get WiFI?

Pick up your dog shit


For Porn Use Only

I can read your emails

You Pay Now

Mom Use This One

My Neighbors Suck


I hate my neighbor

Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi

Please Connect For Identity Theft

Clever Wi-Fi Router Names

Password is Password

Silence of the LAN


Bad Error 313: Disconnect

404 Network Unavailable

The Dark Knet

Network Not Found

Keep it on the Download

The Promised LAN


The Wireless-G Spot


Network error


Winternet is Coming

Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN

FBI Surveillance Van #594

It Burns When IP

Drop it like its Hotspot

Cool Wi-Fi Network Names

Abraham Linksys

Use at your own risk

Click Here for Viruses

Area 51

Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!

Hack me

Wu-Tang LAN

Look Ma, No Wires!


Ye old Internet

DHARMA Initiative – Station 4

Go Home Tourists

Martin Router King


Virus Infected WiFi

Don’t even try it!

A Lannister Always Surfs The Net

Log in here!

Virus WiFi

I am the Internet, AMA

 We hope you enjoyed our collection of the 100 best Wi-Fi network router names. If you have any of your own funny WiFi names you think are clever or cool enough to be added to our list – be sure to send them in to us.